Avalokama is the 17th Lord of Creation

Information Block Edit

Name: Avalokama

Domains: Balance, Ki


Symbol: A five-pointed star

Background Edit


  • How your god was created

Description & Personality

  • More details about your god; what they look like in-depth, how they act, maybe what they plan to do

Planes Edit

  • Any planes of existence that your god has created, i.e. the Shadowfell or the Feywild

Artifacts Edit

Exarchs Edit

  • Your gods servants, created from your own divine will.

Heroes Edit

  • Mortals that are your gods champions

Races and People-Groups Edit

  • Mortal races or factions that your god has created

Beasts Edit

  • Monsters and creatures that your god has made

Plants Edit

  • Same as Beasts, just with plants instead

Landforms Edit

  • Any landmasses your god has made. Means anything from hills and mountains, to new planets

Power Level Edit

1 PP/day