Is the alter ego of the Silent One sixth Lord of Creation, controller of Secrets and Deception.

Information BlockEdit

Name: Dharrox, the Just Blade of the Dark 

Domains: Secrets (Suppressed), Deception (Suppressed), Fear, Darkness, Truth

Appearance: A black knight with a heavy lion motif. Lion emblazened chestplate, lion gauntlets, lion hear shoulder plates, lion boots, even a lion head helm. 

Symbol: A roaring black lion on a purple background

NB:The Silent One and Dharrox are effectively the same god, but still very different



  • Dharrox was conceived of necessity. After an argument with the Sisters, the gods destroyed themselves, blazing across the sky that the Silent One had done the deed. Panicked, the Silent One faked his own death, before retreating into the void. There, he constructed a suite of armor as a disguise, abandoned his two most recognized domains, and returned as Dharrox.

Description & Personality

  • Dharrox is noble, and not afraid to tell anyone that. He's boisterous, loud, and frequently jumps into arguments he has no business being in. That said, he's the exact opposite of the Silent One in many ways, which is kind of the point. However, even if he allows his persona to take on a life of it's own, the Silent One is still there, pulling the strings for his own sinister ends.


As the Silent One


  • As the Silent One


  • Honor and Chivalry - The brothers given new names and appearances. Honor is Radix, appropriate as he is bound with every word he utters. Chivalry is Xidar, also appriate as he tends to lie in such outrageous ways it would make a story book princess swoon if he were to describe one who wasn't picture perfect. The Brothers have accomplished a fair bit since they were created, crafting the Labyrinth and creating the Gigotaurs, though they gave Dharrox all credit for the act. They also taught the gigotaurs to work stone, and have developed a love for the act. So much so that they have taken upon themselves the title of 'Professional Dungeon Builders'. Unfortunately, they can rarely agree on anything let alone what to make. Honor tends to be a little more mature, thoughtful and moral, while Chivalry is a little bit dense and self-serving at times, though he's usually the one to think up the big ideas while Honor works out most of the little details.
  • Sassriss - See the Silent One's page


  • Mortals that are your gods champions

Races and People-GroupsEdit

  • As the Silent One
  • Gigotaurs - Shaggy, heavily horned, titan sized precursors to minotaurs. They consider themselves to be the perfect representatives of honor and chivalry, and live by the Dharrox's Code laid out upon them.

Beasts Edit

  • As the Silent One


  • As the Silent One


  • As the Silent One

Power LevelEdit

1 PP/day