When gods come into conflict, a god may attack another using 1 PP. When this occurs, both gods will roll dice to determine the winner of the battle. As you increase in PP, your base combat minimum and average rolls will increase as governed by the following table.

Base Combat TableEdit

  • 0: You do not roll. You have lost the battle and can be imprisoned
  • 0.25 rolls 1d64
  • 0.5 rolls 2d32
  • 0.75 rolls 1d32+2d16
  • At 1 PP/day you roll 4d16 : GODS START HERE
  • 1.15 rolls 2d16+4d8
  • 1.3 rolls 8d8
  • 1.45 rolls 7d8+2d4
  • 1.6 rolls 6d8+4d4
  • 1.75 rolls 5d8+6d4
  • 1.9 rolls 4d8+8d4
  • 2.05 rolls 3d8+10d4

After reciving your Base Combat score, modifiers are added. Each combat artifact with you at the time provides a +8 bonus, each exarch is a 3+2d4 bonus. Fighting within your own demi-plane gives a 6+4d4 bonus.

An important note is that each week, a combat artifact or exarch may only be used in either mortal or divine combat each week, and no more than 4 artifacts or exarch may be used in total. In other words, if you are using your artifact to aid your nation at war, it cannot also be used to defend you, and vice versa.

Combat can take place as frequently as the warring gods prefer, but as a general guideline, attacks should occur with enough spacing in between them to allow other gods to aid one god or another, so something around 12 hours between attacks is probably a good idea.

Aiding another god provides a 3+2d4 bonus for every two tiers as defined above (starting at .5 PP/day, so a 1 PP/day god provides a 6+4d4 bonus, a 1.3 provides a 9+6d4 bonus, and a 1.6 provides a 12+9d4 bonus).

When a god loses at combat, they receive the following penalties, both which last for one week after their loss. First, for each loss they roll 2 tiers lower on the base combat table, and for each loss they also receive a –1d12 modifier to additional combats until the end of the week. Once a god reaches or falls below the 0 tier, they have lost the combat and may be Imprisoned