A creation of Brinn's, the Life-Web is made up of the connected life forces of everything in Brinn's forest, and those connected to it. When Brinn saved Sonel from the shadow venom, it led her into his soul and helped her find the way. As Ankirega's first act using Brinn's power, he infused it with divine energy, granting it the powers of an artifact. In additon, it's powerful energies allow easier creation of creatures. It resides in The Grotto, an area of immense divine and natural power. As the Life-Web's power grew with the influx of new life, it overwhelmed Ankirega once more, scouring him for ideas to make it's power reality. Brinn arrived soonafter, sensing his distress, and together they created Orine, the Alabaster Dragon, and the first animals the universe had ever seen. Not long after, they created the Primal Spirits- and the first of them was Araiyo, avatar and manifestation of the Life-Web itself. She claimed sisterhood of Ankirega, and is the Life-Web herself; she can sense anything that those in contact with it would, such as the health of the forest. It has now become something of a hub of primal spirit activity, owing to both that Araiyo is their de-facto leader and that it is the single strongest source of natural and life energy in the universe.

Greater Artifact: Grants 1 Spawn PP every week.