Created by Ankirega and Brinn from the overflowing power of the Life-Web, Orine is possessed of unknown powers and intent. Calling herself The Alabaster Dragon, she is a long and sinous dragon (Chinese), as opposed to Visarga's more classical appearance. Her bottom scales are look like pristine alabaster, and her top carries the appearance of petrified wood. Immediately after he creation, she left The Grotto, and has not been seen or heard from since. A long time later, she revealed herself to Maibe, who was coming from Verda, and was found to have been sleeping in the Sun for centuries. After a conversation with Maibe, she came to Yrie and set up her home there along with some friendly primal spirits. Just after she and Casaka grew friendly, Yrie exploded. So, out of a home, she left to Kahnda, and founded the nation of Iwari there.