The planet is technically a giant slime, in the image of the mother planet. The "inhabitants" of Sticky World are actually a part of the giant slime, though they look vibrant and overpleased. The give away is that they must always have a tendril attached to the main creature, lest they die. Even "birds" will eventually trail a little life feed. Whenever a newcomer to Sticky World sets foot on its' surface, it takes a while for the immense jelly to sense it. At first, the creature is allowed to wander about: each step, like walking on weak flypaper. After a period of time (much less time if the alien attacks Sticky World's "Happy Folk") the planet starts to affix the creature more firmly to its' surface. Eventually, the slime eats the creature out from the inside, using the base of their feet as an entry point. The more creatures the planet eats in this way, the better the ruse (and the trippier the adventure on its' surface).