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Verda is the universe's eldest world, chosen by Pasha to host some of the first life in the universe, the Green Sphere, now named Verda, is home to Pasha's Forest, it's caretakers Brinn, Ankirega, Khitis, Cragnas, and Agon, and Mount Sonnarian. After violent attacks by Raithon, the first demon, and Sku'byss, it is currently a mere shadow of what it once was. However, Ankirega and Khitis work to make it anew while Brinn is away. Ankirega later names it Verda, after the lush growth the world shows. A corruptive poison soon spread from Raithon's corpse, turning the trees and grasses to blood, from which the first Blood Demons sprang. The wolfen exarch quickly sealed them in a small area with the Talon Barrier, but failed to prevent their upward escape. Soon after, one of Verda's moons began to trace an odd circuit from Verda to Yrie, at the hands of Zo-Att. The Blood Demons fled onto the moon, and waited for it to arrive at Yrie- however, Ankirega, Brinn, and Sonel teamed up to stop them, slaughtering all of the demons. The moon was then permanently put in orbit by Maibe, goddess of Yrie. Verda has since enjoyed a long period of peace, only broken by the creation of the Blight Spirits and the destruction their battle created.

Verda is most noteable for the abundance of life and creation it showcases. Under the care of Brinn and Ankirega, multitudes of the universe's first animals were created, as well as the defenders of the forest- Cragnas The Green and the Rockwood Elementals. Orine The Alabaster Dragon was created in the Grotto, as well as the Primal Spirits which now cover Verda, Yrie, The Isles of Wonder, and Renissa. Also present are the Gigotaurs and the destruction left by the Blight Spirits before their escape. The Gigotaurs and Primal spirits co-exist in peace, with the Gigotaurs holding the area around The Labyrinth, while the spirits live everywhere and congregate in The Grotto.

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  • Primal Spirits
  • Gigotaurs
  • Noble Eladrin

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In the center of Verda stands The Grotto, a petrified forest-cave in which the Life-Web hangs, as well as the Talon Barrier artifact itself and the Wall of Origins.

Bordering the Forest is Mount Sonnarian, creation of Sorstal. The great fang of stone juts into the sky, placed by the God of Earth so that the trees and vegetation would not be disturbed. Agon, Serpent of Stone, resides here, though he often travels to Pasha's Forest, reveling in the feel of the soil and the vitality of the vegetation.

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